Welcome! This is our Dungeons and Dragons 4E campaign, which started in September 2008. There are currently 5 players and 1 GM. We play every other Friday night from 8pm until about midnight.

We are using the map of the Nentir region from the DMG (pg 196-208) and the background information therein of Fallcrest and the Nentir Vale as the basis of our campaign. The bulk of the adventuring is homebrew and/or borrowed from various places and modified to fit what I and the players want in the campaign. The players started out in the town of Harkenwold, in the Barony of Harkenwold. They have grown up in and around this area their whole lives and have just recently started venturing beyond the town under Baron Stockmer’s direction.

My group is always on the look out for players for 4E Dungeons and Dragons. Currently the players are 2nd to 4th level and it would be very easy to get an new pc involved. Any experience, or lack thereof, welcome. Any race from the core books are used, along with classes. No monster PC races allowed. I would prefer not having an evil aligned pc since the group is LG, G, or unaligned.

Style of play ends up being about 50/50 between combat and RP. Though not necessarily on the same night. There are times when the whole night is combat and then the next game there might never be a sword drawn.

This is a work in progress, so not a lot of material has been added as of yet. Until recently we have been using the Yahoo message boards and we are slowly moving the material from there to here.


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